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tv   [untitled]    May 2, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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fabulous and i am grateful to all of supervisors who have been having this conversation and facilitating and taking a leadership brawl. san francisco has a history of investing in a lot of ways. we are lucky that there are a lot of different departments involved. it has been a strength but has also been a challenge because the system is fragmented. it is definitely time -- i want to underscore the urgency of this matter. particular the because we have tombaugh's coming down from the federal level. it is more important now to have a unified voice and unified leadership on this matter. thank you very much and let's keep moving forward. . supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to speak today. as executive director of the mimi and peter haas fund, i want
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to thank commissioner avalos are working on this idea and bringing it to reality. the president of our foundation has worked for this to happen for more than 20 years, and i know that she thinks you. we ask that we now take the time to create an independent office under the mayor's office that can be a model across the country. this issue and debate of child care versus early education has continued throughout the country for the last 30 years. san francisco can step forward and do something different and be a model. there are best practices that can best inform the work that director mendoza will lead leadfirst 5, dcyf, hsa, and the
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school district. i hope the supervises include the philanthropic sector that is committed to support an early education for low-income children, and for children and their families throughout the city. we are here to be a part of this. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. >> good morning, supervisors chu, kim, and avalos. thank you for allowing me and us to have this opportunity to speak. i am here for two quick issues. one, loudly and clearly, for the creation for the office of early childhood education. thank you, supervisor avalos, for the stress on independence. i think that is probably the crowning glory for this office,
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because this way, hopefully, we can digress from some of the difficulty this field has had over the past few years, and come together for the good of the children and families of san francisco. i was part of the initial task force for the three years meetings we have done. supervisor avalos has shown great leadership in taking this forward. it has not always been an easy project. i just want to speak of an issue that is of some concern to me. it is the semantic or linguistic argument that i hear, which is care nurses to education. -- versus education. i work with young children every day. there is truly no difference
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except a linguistic difference between care and education. if someone changes a diaper, they are caring for and educating a child. if someone is helping a child learn the sounds of an alphabet, they are caring and educating a child. i want to see those differences out of the picture consolidated. i feel this office should be housed under a tsa --hsa because they have a good model under the program for aging. delay, we can take our individual strands and put them into a quilt. supervisor chu: next speaker please. >> it is time that we look ahead not behind it is time you flip wilson money around
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bring into all the districts in this town it is time that you make it shine you are going to make it all turned out fine it is time budget and finance budget and finance go together like education and science ask the president of the board norman yee and you'll find it is a very elementary try to understand it it is no illusion budget and finance budget and finance supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. i am the director of friends of
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st. francis child care center, a nonprofit that serves 30 low- income and middle-income families for the past 35 years. we survive as an organization that can serve low-income families by having a grant from the department of education that need to be supplemented by city funds. we have been fortunate to receive at least three different funding sources from city departments. i am here to support the creation of an officer early childhood education. one of the main reasons for this, i feel it will make our organization more able to provide quality education because it will simplify and unify the various monitoring data collection and fiscal reporting systems, which right now we are constantly jumping to report to each of the agencies that fund us.
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we are reporting attended several times. that is one simple example of something that will change in this early childhood office that we will streamline things for us and hopefully bring the whole field together in san francisco. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker. >> i am michelle. i am here to express his support of the family child care association for the creation of this office in the surgeon time of fiscal crisis where we have everything in one spot. it will make it easier to serve children and families. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker. if there are any other members of the public that wants to speak on item 12, please line up in the center of the aisle, otherwise this will be the final speaker. >> director of programs for an advocate youth.
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we stand behind the creation of the office. the process has been like this over three years and we cannot wait another year to bring this forward. even before considering the threatened state cuts, we have to remember there are over 3600 children on the list for subsidies, and considering the city-wide need for quality child care systems, we have to move forward with aligning our roles. our priority must be the children of san francisco and their families and what is best for them, meaning we have to move past and not allow this decision to be driven by politics or personalities. my understanding is there is a deep community process through which recommendations for the office came forth to be housed under hsa, one after the department of aging and adult services. thank you. supervisor chu: are there other members of the public the wish
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to speak on item 12? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor avalos: thank you. i want to call in the mayor's education and family services adviser. ms. mendoza, thank you for being here. i also want to thank members of the public for commenting today and your patience over these past many years. your patience in working with my office over the past two years as well. i think we could have moved more quickly along at times. i know there is a lot of anxiety about how to create this office, moving forward. i think we're in a good spot right now. the stress of an independent office attached to one of these departments is the way to go. i believe the stakeholders, in carrying out these services at the department had level, within the department, have a lot to offer. in this process of coming
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together to create this office, i really believe strong dialogue, listening, and meaningful input -- which is heard and acted upon -- will be essential to make sure we create an office that will be able to stand alone and do the work and needs to do to create all of these efficiencies for the field that we need to create. so i want to thank you for bringing folks together. i would ask you, i know time does of the offense -- i know time is of the essence. the mayor's budget comes to us, balanced, on june 1. it does not leave a lot of time to come and bring this together. wondering, if we come back next week, is that too soon? two weeks from now, will that impinge on a balancing process
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that needs to happen over the next month? >> i think our desire would be to give us as much time as possible before we have to submit it to the mayor's budget. if the 16th is allowable, i think that would be helpful. supervisor chu: if i could comment. i shared supervisor avalos' idea to move this forward. i would be happy to schedule it when we are able to. i know the agenda is filling up for the 16th. we have some heavy items that week. i do not have the calendar in front of me, but i know it is pretty heavy. we may continue to the call of the chair and wait for an appropriate time to hear it. that is the suggestion, knowing that the calendar is filling up. >> i expect we would get a progress report. i am fine with continuing to the
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call of the chair. i suspect even beyond the hearing we have a continued item, other will be work to do. it might be to be continued again to see how things are moving along. that could happen in the summer as well, i suspect. i can motion a continue to the call of the chair. >> we will not solve this issue, as you know, in the next two weeks. our desire is to bring everyone together to come up with, at minimum, the vision of the office, and its creation. we want to focus on the what, and not know where -- the where. we have all the recommendations and priorities that folks have put forward. i just wanted to make sure that people knew that we have all that information on us and that each department head is bringing forward all that information.
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what will be really valuable for us to think about it is, -- about is, every organization that is brought forward will give us more meat on the bone for the areas we are focusing on. we are not taking recommendations and eliminating some, taking recommendations from others. each of these recommendations will help us build out the various spaces that need to be under this larger umbrella. i want to be clear about that. we are not clear to pit care providers against early education folks. we want to provide opportunities for all the kids and their families. under this one umbrella will be the bears' option for families to take advantage of. we appreciate the recommendation people are provided to us, because it helps us to build a more robust office that will address each and every one of the issues that our families and children face.
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supervisor avalos: i know we are continuing to the call of the chair. i would like to perhaps think it could be next week, get a progress report. we can decide that in the next few days. supervisor chu: thank you. supervisor kim? supervisor kim: i just wanted to give some input. first of all, thank you to supervisor avalos' office for taking this on. i know this is a process you have been engaged in for a while. we are figuring out a way to bring several different silos and entities around early child care and education together. what had been in existence up until now has not worked, as many have said in public comments. i think we have not effectively figured out how to leverage our sources of funding and other things. i am happy we are moving forward
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with this. i do have questions about the right place where to house hsa, given is an incredibly large department, making sure these issues are managed effectively within the department, but i also know that dcyf is a small organization and the department may not have the capacity to take this on. i do want to respect their has been a community process regarding this issue. i trust many of the stake holders involved in this process, but i wanted to state that concern today. looking forward to the final outcomes of this working group. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you for your comments, supervisor kim. you've already mentioned this, hydra, but even though they would not be part of the consolidated office -- the school district -- we have our kids that go there monday through friday. they have care before and after
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school, and various programs. having a conversation with the school district on these plans will also be an important piece of it. colleagues, we have a motion to continue item 12 to the call of the chair. i think we can do that without objection. thank you. please call item one. >> item 1. resolution authorizing the adult probation department to retroactively accept and expend a grant of consulting services from the zellerbach family foundation through an award to community works west in the amount of $37,000 for developing a gender-responsive approach to serving women involved in san francisco's criminal justice system. supervisor chu: thank you. earlier we had the chief with us. it looks that she had to leave, so we have jessica who is speaking on this issue. >> thank you, supervisors, for considering mayor lee's resolution.
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the chief apologizes that she had to live. i am the reentry division director at the adult probation department. thank you for accepting our proposal. the purpose of this grant is to allow us to work with two nationally renowned experts, and doctors barbara blum and barbara collins, to develop a gender- sensitive approach to women in the criminal justice system. they will be developing a plan in partnership with the sheriff's department of operation and are committed to partners to develop a system of case management and other systems to better address the needs of women and transgendered people involved in our criminal justice system. the zellerbach family foundation has been a wonderful place for vendor response to practices at the adult probation department, public defender's office, and through the san francisco
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children of incarcerated parents partnership. in collaboration with the sheriff's department and other partners, through the community, we are creating a gender response for group that will serve as our guide for our policies, practices, and programs every step of away from arrests through any jail or prison time, and through supervision practices. this work will also inform our 2012 realignment plans. once complete, we will be sharing the plan, the progress of its implementation, working in partnership with the reentry council committee corrections partnership and others. thank you for your consideration of this resolution. happy to answer any questions you might have. supervisor chu: it looks like this does not require any matching general funds and does not create any additional positions. if there are no questions from the committee, let's open up to public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? item 1. seeing none, public comment is closed.
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colleagues, can we send this item forward with recommendations? motion, second, without objection. thank you. call items 2, 3, 4, 5. >> item 2. resolution approving the fy2012- 2013 community development block grant program; authorizing the mayor, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to apply for, accept, and expend the city's fy2012-2013 community development block grant program entitlement from the u.s. department of housing and urban development in the amount of $16,204,214 and to expend program income in the amount of $1,530,000. item 3. resolution approving the fy2012-2013 housing opportunities for persons with aids (hopwa) program; and authorizing the mayor, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to apply for, accept, and expend the city's fy2012- 2013 hopwa program entitlement
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from the u.s. department of housing and urban development in the amount of $9,731,577 and to expend program income and reprogrammed funds in the amount of $2,449,147. item 4. resolution approving the fy2012-2013 home investment partnership (home) program; and authorizing the mayor, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to apply for, accept, and expend the city's fy2012- 2013 home program entitlement from the u.s. department of housing and urban development in the amount of $3,955,888, and to expend program income in the amount of $30,000. item 5. resolution approving the fy2012- 2013 emergency shelter grants program; and authorizing the mayor, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, to apply for, accept, and expend the city's fy2012-2013 emergency shelter grants program entitlement in the amount of $1,609,318 and accept and expend the second allocation
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of the city's fy2011-12 emergency shelter grants program entitlement in the amount of $507,457 from the u.s. department of housing and urban development and to expend reprogrammed funds in the amount of $35,000. supervisor chu: thank you. we have called items 2, 3, 4, 5. >> good morning, supervisors. director of community development for the mayor's office of housing. we're here to present our four accept and expend resolutions for the community block grant program, home program, and hopwa program. this is a new program that was transferred to us after the dissolution of the sentences for redevelopment agency. it came to us because it is managed by the same division of the community planning and the bell division.
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they felt it was the best home for hopwa. we have been able to retain some of the stuff here we have communicated with officers that we are comfortable that the transition for various service providers that are funded by the rig development agency will be served well by our department. we have had one continue already with service providers to make sure they understand the transition process moving from the redevelopment agency to our office. in regards to the other three programs, as we do every year, we started this process for the 12-13 funding by holding two public hearings last fall, one in the bayview, one in chinatown. we made sure our fundament recommendations were in accordance with our consolidated plan. we participated in the on going cdo convening that were held by the mayor's office to make sure
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that whatever cuts we needed to make still held true to the principles articulated in the cbo working group. after we issue our preliminary recommendations in late february, we held public hearings so that members of the community could come and talk about what they felt about our recommendations. after the public hearing, our citizens committee, which is composed of five appointed members, four members appointed by the board, and convened again to decide whether they wanted to make any shifts to the funding after the public hearing. it is that final set of recommendations that you see before you. in terms of attempts to be more responsive to the needs of cbo community, the recommendation you see before you will be the template for a three-year grand
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period for the mayor's office of housing, service dollars, and for the economic development of dollars. the office of the workforce development, workforce grants, 12-13 is the second year of a two-year cycle. they 1 then do a subsequent two- year cycle. we're trying to match our funding for most of your cycles within our five-year consolidation plan, in an attempt to allow the cbo to better plan for their long-term financial sustainability. we will still be getting it to 1-year grants with them, so you will still see me next year because, as you know, the actual amount will vary from year to year. if we get an increase or decrease, we will have to make those adjustments. for your information, in terms of a formal allocation to the city of san francisco, we received approximately a 12% to
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13% cut on the cd besides. over two years, a 27% decrease. on the home side, we received a significant cut. it is a 40% cut for next year, meaning over two years, a 60% cut. so our funds that support new construction for housing developments have been decimated by this cut. on the hopwa side, it has remained relatively flat. on the emergency solution grant side, we saw a slight increase from last year, a 5% increase. the emergency solution grant program funding homeless services has been the one area that congress has seen fit to increase. so over a two-year period, it has been a significant increase of 96,000.
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this increase has been one has allowed us to offset from the community block grant program. we were able to ship those programs that serve homeless individuals and families that had previously been funded under the block grant program and found them under the esg program. in terms of 13-14 funding, the senate has put forth its proposed budget. the senate budget does include a slight increase in the block grant program. it maintained level funding for the home program. in maintains level funding for the emergency solutions grant program, and it does include a slight decrease to the hopwa program. we have not yet seen what the house wants to do, but as soon as we do, we will keep your offices informed.
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so i am here to answer any questions you might have. i know your offices have received a spread sheet of our proposed grants in all of the areas, capital, housing, planning, public services, workforce development, economic development, and of course, our hopwa and home funds. supervisor chu: with item two, we saw a 13% cut in the time we would be receiving money from the federal government, of which you were able to offset with an increase in emergency shelter grants for those organizations that might have that function. >> that is correct. supervisor chu: emergency shelter grants, you had a 5% increase in federal funding. on hopwa, relatively flat. home, a cut of 40%. was this capital funding?
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>> yes, money that all goes directly to construction costs and the development costs. supervisor chu: quickly, you have talked about a funding cycle that is over a three, five-year period? >> yes, for public services programs, these grants will go for 12-13, 13-14, 14-15, meaning those guarantees will not need to reapply for the next two years. of course, the amounts will depend on performance and on the availability. supervisor chu: does this apply to the cdbg or just the other grants? >> it applies to the cdbg and esg grants. we have not issued in notice of availability since 2009 because of the funding issue.
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hopwa will be procured again, moving forward, 412-13, because we want to move back into the city funding cycle. that will be going forward, probably for a two-year procurement. supervisor chu: even though this is part of 13, 14, 15 current cycle generally, depending on where federal levels and that, you will probably make adjustments to them? but there will not have to reapply? >> that is right. we anticipate we will probably not begin in additional funding, to be honest. we will have to make some hard decisions with those successive years. supervisor chu: you had indicated in the senate, they had a slightly different version where there was an increase in cdbg, esg, and home. is that when you are presenting today? >> that